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Promoting Good Health

Gym equipment from Frei offers an effective workout and is not only suitable for experienced users, but also for beginners. A safe and healthy workout and enjoyable exercise is guaranteed.

Unique Feature:

The gym is situated directly underneath the salt-water pool. A window on the ceiling provides a view of the water above.

Training Sessions

We offer training sessions with instruction several times a week, so that inexperienced people also have access to training for muscles and relieving pain, e.g. for the back.

REGISTRATION: + 49 38378 232-0

  • Stomach and back trainer
    Training for the large stomach and the middle erector spinae muscles.
  • Knee-bender / -stretcher with thigh fixing
    Training for the hamstrings and thigh muscles
  • Chest and posture trainer
    Training for the chest muscles and the large back muscles
  • Torso rotator
    Training for the transverse muscles and the intercostal muscles
  • Tramp trainer
    Training with with rescue net effect
  • Stepper / exercise bike
  • Lifting equipment with weights / dumbbells / wall bars / sports mats
  • Personal training (with 2 people)
    45 min / €50