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The seaside resorts allow you to follow a trail of German history. Many buildings are witness to the old splendour of the turn of the century. If you are spending longer than a weekend holiday on the island of Usedom, we invite you to also visit places aside from the fantastic beaches and fashionable resorts.

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Spa Architecture

Many buildings along the Baltic coast were built in a so called "Bäderarchitektur" style, a mixture of architectural styles from various periods, often with triangular gables, stucco work, wooden verandas and loggias. The Strandhotel was also built in this style in 1886, but unfortunately the richly decorated balconies and cornices were removed in the early 1970s.
Many 'Bäderstill' villas are to be found on the island of Usedom, particularly in the spa resorts of Ahlbeck, Heringsdorf and Bansin, although the majority of which are in the seaside spa resort of Heringsdorf.

"Villa Irmgard" Museum in Heringsdorf


  • Atelier Otto Niemeyer-Holstein in Lüttenort near Koserow
  • Hans Werner Richter – House in Bansin
  • "Villa Irmgard" Museum in Heringsdorf, where Maxim Gorki also spent several months on holiday
  • Peenemünde Museum; between 1936 and 1945 the Army Research Institute at Peenemünde was one of the most advanced centres of technology in the world. In October 1942, the world's first successful launch of a rocket into space took place here.

Island of Usedom National Park

Naturally, the majority of visitors to Island of Usedom do so because of the wonderful beach, which is 42 km long and up to 70 m wide in places. With a length of 12 km, Europe's longest promenade is a great place for a stroll.
However, Usedom also offers extensive fields of rape, sunflowers and maize, as well as a relatively high area of forest, which influence the island's special climate.  Last but not least, there are numerous lakes, which make the landscape fertile and attractive. Bird enthusiasts can experience breeds such as sea eagles and white storks in the wild.